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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Type I Saw Today

I'm not really a big person when it comes to design - at least not the intricacies that a true designer has to go into to acheive that "just right" result that all of us subconsciously know but so often fail to replicate. My job involves occassionally looking at some of the worst designed websites on the web - both in terms of useability and aesthetics - and I know what people are capable of. It is one of the big shames on the web that a large proportion of its contributing population have not realised even the roughest basics of this art.

Anyway - I rather randomly came across this site by someone who could be described (respectfully) as a font obsessive! He photographs and blogs about interesting type that he comes across on his travels. Its a topic that I don't remotely know about, and you can feel his frustration at being a professional in an industry that is taken for granted and abused daily by everyone else in the world (including myself).

One of my favourite of his recent posts is Schism in Spiritualism:



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