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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The newest member of our family

The newest member of our family is a dog called Bruce. He's called Bruce after Robert The Bruce, and is a Border Collie. He's been with us for about a month now, and is growing incredibly fast, and munching his way through a whole load of puppy food. In fact, he is so food obsessed that its hard to get him to think about anything else, and if someone is eating in the house then we don't have a chance!

But he's a cute little fella and already seems like a vital part of the family. Its quite amazing how he so quickly became a vital part of our little pack, and how much we all grew to love him so quickly. The only bad part is taking him for his daily walk - although most days its fine, the British weather can make it quite a painful experience. If we were living somewhere civilised like Barbados it might be a more consistently enjoyable chore.

Never mind. It's good for me!


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