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Sunday, August 06, 2006

St Maarten's Approach

Plane spotting is something that I just don't get, along with trainspotting, tractor spotting and the likes. The idea of going to some of the worst places on earth (and by that I mean airports) to see some of the noisiest modes of transport is not something that appeals to me, but I am happy to live and let live.

However, one place that did catch my eye was the popular aircraft spotters dream destination of St. Maarten's Approach:

St. Maarten's Princess Juliana airport has just one runway that is right next to the beach, and there are hundreds of other photos besides this one of rather large aircraft coming a bit too close for comfort. For the more devoted enthusiast I also refer you to some videos, and the Google Sightseeing post that set it all off.

In case this rather odd looking destination has fired up your fantasies of becoming a glamorous and globe-trotting plane spotter, let me just bring you back down to earth with a link to one of the most mind-blowingly obsessive products I ever had the misfortune to discover: Amsterdam Schipol Airport 2001 - The DVD. I quote:

The best airport I've seen from a shooters (and a watcher's) point of view, with no fences, just canals, and the heavies plopping down right in front of you. Loads of KLM B747/MD-11/B767 action, lots of landings and takeoffs, some sunset and evening shots, some heavies landing after rain (nice spray) and some quite strange stuff, including a Lebanese B707. One of the nicest airport programs I've done, just tons of action. No captions, some narration.

Now there's a film worth adding to your collection... A Saturday night in with the lads need never be dull again.


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