Quiet Mumblings

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Child or Burrito?

This is hilarious:

Child or Burrito?

Sleepless in Seattle: The Horror Movie

I think this is probably old news, but I love it!

PPC and SEO Tools

For my sins I work in the search marketing industry, which means that I spend most of my time managing thousands of pounds worth of advertising spend, or trying my damndest to get Google to like my client's sites. I was delighted therefore to recently stumble upon a site that provides an excellent keyword generation tool. The site is The Sempai and the keyword generator is here.

I've always used the Windows software Free PPC Keyword Generator, which has some significant advantages over the Sempai (saving projects being a key one), but the one thing it lacks is the ability to make any column optional.

I think it will be a mixture of the two going forward. Lets hope The Sempai add the ability to save and open projects - then it will be the best out there.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blogging Stop

Wow! Not much less than 2 years since I added any content here - I'd completely forgotten it existed. Time to pick it up again - its good to blog!