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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Google Analytics Bug?

Google Analytics LogoI read with joy a few days ago on the Google Anayltics Blog that Google have increased the number of profiles allowed in Google Analytics from 5 to 10. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working for me - I've added some new profiles fine and set them up no problem, but some of them are saying they can't find the tracking code and some of them find the tracking code but then on main screen still say that the tracking code has not be verified. Its quite frustrating.

Although I'm sure its probably just a temporary glitch or a load issue, I'm surprised to have not seen this reported elsewhere...

For the record this is not the first issue I've found with Google's excellent new analytics offering. When setting up multiple Analytics profiles for different websites in the same Adwords account (especially if that Adwords account links to multiple different sites as well) you get really messed up CPC cost data in Analytics, with keywords from one domain appearing in the stats of the other. I currently have cost data turned off in my profiles because of this.

Other than that though - Analytics is by far the best free web stats analysis tool you can get. Tons of data, nicely laid out.

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