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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Irn Bru - Soft Drink of the Gods

If you've ever looked at the main page of this blog you might have spotted a link in my Pagerank Votes to a site called Irn Bru. For those that do not know of it yet, Irn Bru is the finest soft drink known to man. It is made in Scotland, is bright, lurid orange and tastes like bubble gum. Converted already? Good.

Scotland is one of the few countries (regions?) in the world where Coca Cola has not become the most popular soft drink, but now, thankfully, it is spreading. It has long been in the North East of England, has already reached London in small doses and for some reason sells very well in Russia. It also recently made its first tentative movements over the Atlantic to an altogether tougher market.

So good luck Irn Bru, and to quote a bastardisation of the most famous Irn Bru advertising slogan:

Irn Bru - made in Scotland from girders and drunk by nuts

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