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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dr. Angry and Miss Smile Illusion: Do It Yourself v 2

A couple of posts ago I tried to work out a way to replicate the Dr Angry and Miss Smile Illusion using The GIMP. Today I've come up with a slightly more effective version, by producing a better HSF image:

Attempt at a LSF and HSF image

Like in the first version the LSF is simply a gaussian blur, but the HSF is made up of four layers:

1) Take one blank grey image
2) Run an Edge filter on your original image, to produce an inverse (white on black) image made up of lines
3) Paste the white on black image onto the grey image with in addition mode
4) Invert the Edge image to get a black on white image
5) Paste the black on white image onto the grey image with in subtraction mode, slightly off-centre, so that it interacts with the white lines and produces a 3D effect.
6) Take the original image and paste it over the top in Multiply mode with a very low opacity, to add some shading around the dark areas.

Once you've got that simply paste your HSF image over your LSF image in Hard Light mode with a reasonably low opacity. This is the result:

Hybrid ImageShrunken Hybrid Image

A little more effective than before, but still plenty of room for improvement!

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