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Sunday, August 13, 2006

I don't quite understand terrorism...

Terrorism in the UKThe news of the recent chaos in the British skies and airports has passed me by rather quietly considering the amount of yammering that has been going on in the media. I don't have a TV, and I don't read newspapers, so beyond my occassional glance at the front pages of the BBC World News and The Guardian Online I've rather missed out. I occassionally catch a passing glance at the TV in the lunchroom at work, and on the day that the plot became public knowledge there were plenty of dramatic pictures of armed police at airports.

The thing that makes me curious about the current terrorist attacks in the UK and the USA is that I don't quite get what the terrorists are trying to acheive. Of course I know that many Muslim communities are pissed off at America and the UK, and most of the time for good reasons. And like any community in the world, there are extremists who are willing to resort to violence as a way solve these issues. But I don't understand what they hope to get out of the whole situation.

Attacking the UK and USA is not going to make our governments go away quietly with their tail between their legs. Not because we are countries of principles, bravado and courage (like the politicians would like us to think) but because we just can't do that - it would be unworkable for so many reasons. Instead, it is going to make our politicians more and more likely to fight back with violence in order to appease the voters, and that can only do damage to the Muslims around the world.

I would love to know if there is a sane and organised rationale behind those who wish to carry out attacks like the one foiled last week, or whether it really is a group of crazed, suicidal madmen, like our media would like to make out. Because right now I can't quite understand their goals.

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